Business Is Sending Millions of Pounds of Air Mail Every Year

The contract air mail lines maintain adequate flying bases at 162 airport centers in the United States and at 147 airports in 33 countries and colonies of the southern Americas. They have their own two-way radio facilities and weather tabulation departments. They operate their own experimental stations which are constantly testing devices calculated to make flying more efficient, safe and comfortable.

Air mail is and probably will continue to be for several years the backbone of our aviation. Our air transport system has been developed largely around the air mail operations. To preserve it and facilitate expansion will require the continued cooperation of the United States Government.

Interest-bearing banking and other commercial documents worth more than seven billion dollars were air-mailed into New York in 1933, to save time.

Because of the greater length of routes and an increase in the number of trips made daily the air lines do five times the flying of 5 years ago.

Air mail is rerouted and transferred from one plane to another from the air mail post offices at the airports.

A business man can drop two letters in the mail chute of a New York skyscraper at the close of the business day, one addressed to a person in that same building, the other air-mailed to Omaha. Both will be delivered at the same time.

Air mail is delivered everywhere.

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