Tuesday, December 28

I received my latest eBay purchase yesterday evening, So Red the Nose, a 1932 book with cocktail recipes from 30 authors of the period. I will post some of the recipes and images to the site in the near future. Here's a taste from the book notes:
One of the most amusing letters and least drinkable cocktails comes from H.L. Davis, author of the Harper prize-winning novel, Honey in the Horn. It is not recommended for "Children, expectant mothers and people who cry easily":

High Proof Rum (at least 10 years old)
  (About 2 Beer Steins)
Dark Strained Honey (the thin, runny kind)
  (A Tin Dipperful, and a Little Over)
Fresh Huckleberries (crushed to a pulp)
  (A Tin Dipperful)
Mountain Ash Berries (crushed)
  (2 Tablespoons; be careful with 'em boys)
Best Black Gunpowder - To Taste

"Mix (at room temperature) and stir savagely until it is no longer streaky in color. Each drink should be served with a toothpick impaling a dead bumblebee, a dead yellow jacket and a dead wasp. These are supposed to be eaten first to give the revelers a notion of what lies in store for them."


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