Monday, December 18

Christmas 1979

I had to dig deep in the Adventure Lounge archives for this historic image of loot from Christmas 1979. A quick inventory finds:

  • Steve Martin's 'Let's Get Small' album

  • Case bowie knife

  • Comb

  • Assorted candy and nuts (Even though I'm allergic!!)

  • Bike speedometer

  • Bright yellow backpack

  • Mad Magazine

  • Cracked Magazine featuring Mork and Mindy

  • Ferrari remote controlled car (It turned left and backed up.)

  • Some type of pendant

  • $5
My parents had my sister dub the Steve Martin album to cassette to edit out the bad language so I could listen to it. I still have the backpack in my garage. I would rather have the Steve Martin album.



  • Be sure to dig the orange shag carpet.

    By Ken | Link  

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