Thursday, June 30

The 1920 Bathing Suit Parade at Miami Beach.

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  • Wednesday, June 29

  • Web content by and for the masses (registration required)
  • Why are our politicians so full of themselves?
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  • Tuesday, June 28

  • Google Earth 3D mapping (It's free)
  • If a store is selling quality products at low prices, why would anyone want to shut it down? (via Cafe Hayek)
  • Avian flu far deadlier than previously thought
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  • Monday, June 27

  • Yahoo! 360 in open beta
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  • Chinese dragon awakens

  • Friday, June 24

  • Poom
  • To edit or not to edit?

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  • Historic panoramic photographs
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  • Kidnapping surges among UK's expat communities

  • Thursday, June 9

    A recipe for making your own White Castle hamburger. Mmmmm.

    The Oops List is a photo collection of mainly aviation and military mishaps (via Driko Land). I also stumbled onto an extensive collection of aviation mishap videos.

    Tuesday, June 7

    The New York Times has a sobering look at Avian Flu.
    International health experts say that two of the three conditions for an avian flu pandemic in Southeast Asia have already been met. First, a new strain of the virus, called A(H5N1), has emerged, and humans have little or no immunity to it. Second, this strain can jump between species. The only remaining obstacle is that A(H5N1) has not yet mutated into a form that is easily transmitted from human to human.

    Thursday, June 2

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