Tuesday, September 26

The Ballad of Big Mike

Monday, September 25

Hooked on Juice

Why aren't you getting slimmer now that you only drink fruit juice? Because twelve ounces of orange juice has more calories than 12 ounces of Coke.
Even with no sugar added, fruit juice has the same amount of sugar as soda. Why? Because fruit is full of Sugar!

Wednesday, September 13

The best time to buy everything

Smart Money has tips for us bargain hunters.
A new TV drops in price after a few months on the market, says CNET's Merritt. Although there will be newer models out there, it's unlikely they'll offer any significant improvements to justify that brand new price. "The technology is proceeding at such a pace that the models out there are not going to be obsolete anytime soon," he says.

Tuesday, September 12

A petition to help Pluto

What slows down Windows the most

The PC Spy took a look at the applications that slow Windows the most. The worst offender? Norton Internet Security 2006.

Monday, September 11

Microsoft patents verb conjugation

Method and system for selecting and conjugating a verb. (Via TWiT.tv)
A verb conjugating system allows a user to input a form of a verb and display the verb forms. The verb conjugating system allows the user to input the infinitive form or non-infinitive forms of a verb. When a user inputs a non-infinitive form of a verb, the verb conjugating system identifies a corresponding base form of the verb. The verb conjugating system then uses the base form to retrieve and display the verb forms for the verb. The verb conjugating system may highlight the non-infinitive form of the verb within the displayed verb forms to assist the user in locating the verb form of interest.

Flipbooks from videos

Those little stick figure animations on the edge of note pads have moved into the digital age with Flipclips. You can send in video clips of 30 seconds or less to be turned into personalized flip books. The pricing seems very affordable too.

A tidy desk

10 tips for keeping your desk clean and tidy.

Online spreadsheets from A to Z

The current state of online spreadsheets.

Sunday, September 10

Tale of an iPod terrorist

A humorous tale of an unlucky air traveler.
So I walked up to the stewardesses, both clamoring over the handbook, and tapped one on the shoulder.

"So, I had an iPod before I went to the bathroom, and now I don't. I think I know what's in the toilet."

We had a quick conversation. I told them, "You don't have to call the TSA or anything, it's just my iPod." They said, "Oh, but we already did."

So now I'm starting to realize that this is turning into a big problem. They offer their condolences, tell me that it's unfortunate, and I take a seat. Okay. So far, not so bad. I return to my seat and spend the rest of the flight trying to act normal.

That is, right up until the pilot comes over the intercom.

"Folks, this is the captain. I don't want to alarm you, but we've found a suspicious device in the front lavatory. Now, we think it's probably nothing, but in this day and age ... you can never be too careful. We'll be landing at Ottawa, where we will await further instructions."

How to sabotage yourself

Helpful, and funny, hints for the self destructive.
Always talk about your "horrible day at work" whenever you get the chance.

When watching a movie or TV show with others, feel free to ask them plenty of questions about what's happening. This may even be a great time to talk about your "horrible day at work."

Take up another hobby: smoking.

How to fix Windows' long boot time

Here are five steps to improving your Windows boot time.