Wednesday, November 15

TechTV blooper

Be careful with those one-of-a-kind antiques. This classic blooper from early on TechTV is funny and sad at the same time. That's Chris Pirillo on the right saying the wrong thing: "Are you done with that?"

Yeah Chris, just get me a broom and a dust bin.

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  • Physics promises wireless power

  • Tuesday, November 14

    Link roundup

  • Sports Chest Protectors Don't Fully Protect Young Hearts
  • Trafficking now 'worse than African slavery'
  • Identity Thief Is Often Found in Family Photo
  • Google Video on your phone
  • Installing the Zune... sucked
  • Free TiVo

  • A feast of Roman fish sauce

    In 2000, boaters discovered a Roman shipwreck when their anchor got stuck in the cache of clay jars deposited there. Exploration of the wreck finally got underway this July and archaeologists are delighted with the more than 1,500 clay jars found there containing the Roman condiment of fish sauce.
    The ship is estimated to have been 30 meters (100 feet) long with capacity for around 400 tons of cargo. That would make it twice the size of most other Roman shipwrecks found in the Mediterranean, de Juan said in an interview with the Associated Press.

    The freight was an estimated 1,500 well-preserved clay amphoras, or two-handled jars, used in this case to hold fish sauce -- a prized condiment for wealthy Romans, he said.

    For centuries the meter-tall amphoras lay undisturbed except for an occasional octopus that would pry one open, breaking the ceramic-and-mortar seal in search of food or shelter.

    Monday, November 13

    Will it blend?

    Blendtec's Total Blender is capable of chewing up and spitting out marbles (above), full cans of Coke, golf balls and rake handles. Presumably it can also crush ice and make a smoothy. They have eight videos on YouTube of this monster at work. (via Gadgetopia)

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  • T-shirt turns air guitar into music (via PopForty)
  • 'Borat' victims upset at being duped
  • Line Rider: Addicting game

  • Friday, November 10

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  • Humiliated frat boys sue 'Borat'
  • What the Democrats' win means for tech
  • The infinite music collection

  • Mercury transit

    Here is a photo of Wednesday's transit of Mercury across the Sun. More images and information are available at:

    Thursday, November 9

    Discovery of a new island

    Mariners in the South Pacific sailed into a "vast, many-miles-wide belt of densely packed pumice." The next day they discovered a newly-formed, active volcanic island. You can read more about their amazing discovery in their blog.

    What financial records to keep and how long to keep them

    Jumbo Trouble

    Popular Mechanics looks at the Airbus A380 and wonders if it will ever get off the ground.
    Will the A380 be the next Concorde—an engineering breakthrough with little chance of breaking even? Certainly, the problem the jetliner was supposed to help solve—airport gridlock—still exists. The world's major hubs already operate at full capacity during peak hours, and traffic is expected to increase 4 percent annually, from 4.2 billion passengers in 2005 to 7 billion passengers in 2020. Building new airports or significantly expanding existing ones, though, is a practical and political nightmare.

    The Airbus solution: Increase capacity with a plane that carries up to 900 passengers—nearly twice as many as the 747. "It is this big monster," says Hans Weber, president of Tecop International, a San Diego-based aviation consulting firm. "And Airbus has struggled with the nightmare of making something this big economically efficient."

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  • Nazi claim halts sale of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Picasso
  • Q&A: Microsoft Windows Vista Released to Manufacturing
  • 11M bottles of acetaminophen recalled
    (via PopForty)

  • Wednesday, November 8

    'Lost' gone

    After a month, Lost does a vanishing act. (via PopForty) Just six episodes into the season, the show is taking a 13 week break.
    This season’s split schedule is partly the result of backlash from fans who complained loudly last season about the frequent interspersing of new episodes with repeats. At its annual meeting with advertisers in New York last spring, Stephen McPherson, the president of ABC Entertainment, promised to address those complaints.

    Free online file conversion

    Tuesday, November 7

    Create huge, rasterized images from any picture

    Printable Planner Forms