Saturday, March 31

Cocoa Beach

A photograph shot in Cocoa Beach, Florida in March. It was a little cool, but not enough to keep people off the beach.

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Bird of paradise

This photo was taken at my parent's house in Florida. The flower bloomed the day before. My Canon PowerShot S3 had a feature that will highlight a color and turn the rest of the image black and white.

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Hyacinth Macaw

The Hyacinth Macaw is usually found in Brazil. I took this photo at the Brevard Zoo.

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Tuesday, March 27

White Rhinoceros

I took this photo of a white rhinoceros at the Brevard Zoo. They're not actually white, but are grey or yellowish in color. This one had just climbed out of a mud hole.

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Monday, March 26

Our new art

These two pieces of art came from my grandfather's house. We believe they were purchased around 1959. They spruce up our family room, but are probably too hip for our lifestyle.

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A parrot photographed at the Brevard Zoo in Melbourne, Florida. One of the best little zoos in the country. It gets better every time I visit.

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Saturday, March 24

Universal Orlando

The Cat in the Hat and Grinch greet visitors at Universal Orlando's Islands of Adventure. I visited with my family last week. My son and I loved the Hulk roller coaster and Seuss Landing was very cute. Hulk may be the best roller coaster I've been on. At the start it accelerates from 0 to 40 mph in 2 seconds and hits a top speed of 67 mph. There are a total of 7 inversions. We give it 4 thumbs up.

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Tuesday, March 6

A War We're Not Winning: Us vs Spam

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