Monday, March 26

Our new art

These two pieces of art came from my grandfather's house. We believe they were purchased around 1959. They spruce up our family room, but are probably too hip for our lifestyle.

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Tuesday, January 23

Knock knock jokes from 1936

I recently bought what may be the most confusing book of knock knock jokes ever. Many of the cultural references in this 1936 book are lost on me, but that doesn't stop me from appreciating the illustrations by Bob Dunn. Here are the first three of 49 illustrations. I'll eventually get them all posted.

This is my best one yet.
Notice the high class knock with the back of the hand
Who's there?
Chester who?
Chester song at twilight

Knok knok
Who's there, who's there
Hoffman who?
I'll Hoffman I'll puff an' I'll blow yer house in

Wait'll ya hear this one
Knock knock
Who's there?
Shixa (high voice)
Shixa who?
Shixa one - half dozen of another

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