Tuesday, April 3

Surf rider

Heavy surf on Cocoa Beach made for some fun rides on the tube.

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Thursday, January 25

Flashmob randomly chasing people

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Tuesday, January 23

Knock knock jokes from 1936

I recently bought what may be the most confusing book of knock knock jokes ever. Many of the cultural references in this 1936 book are lost on me, but that doesn't stop me from appreciating the illustrations by Bob Dunn. Here are the first three of 49 illustrations. I'll eventually get them all posted.

This is my best one yet.
Notice the high class knock with the back of the hand
Who's there?
Chester who?
Chester song at twilight

Knok knok
Who's there, who's there
Hoffman who?
I'll Hoffman I'll puff an' I'll blow yer house in

Wait'll ya hear this one
Knock knock
Who's there?
Shixa (high voice)
Shixa who?
Shixa one - half dozen of another

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Monday, January 8

Build your own icons

The Tiny Icon Factory is a fun site where you can produce 13 x 13 black and white icons for any use. Plus you can browse and remix the thousands of icons already created.

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Monday, December 18

Digital road rage

File this under, "why didn't I think of that." PlateWire.com lets angry commuters enters the tag number of bad drivers and leave them a message online. This is obviously a better way to vent than trying to run the car off the road. (via PopForty.com)
While driving on 94 during rush hour this dummy was tailgating me and driving so fast if i tapped my brakes he would've been up my behind. Just a word of caution: IF YOU ARE GOING SOMEWHERE AND IT WON'T BE THERE IN 5 EXTRA MINUTES, YOU DON'T NEED TO GO!!!! Don't put the lives of people at risk for your impatient attitude. Some people have children..

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